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A community center beyond the confines

of four walls...”

Ummah Educational Cooperative was established in August of 2017 as a parent-child program seeking to introduce young children to Allah (swt) and the character of Prophet Muhammad (saw) in an organic manner. Through our in-person play group and virtual circle times, run by teachers and mothers trained in Montessori education and parenting, Arabic, Quran, Arts and Crafts, and Nature-Based Play, UEC wishes to nurture the whole child whilst simultaneously providing a community for mothers, children, and families in support of educating their children. We empower families to make healthy choices, guided by Islamic values and principles. Based in Massachusetts, USA, we have become a global program making content available to Muslims and those desiring to learn more about Islam, both locally and abroad!

Photo by Kendall A.


Our educational programs focus on two audiences: children and parents. Children’s programs have included: Islamic Calendar events, character building, introduction to Allah swt, service, and seasons. These have been done as in-person play groups, as well as virtual circle times. Parent education has included: workshops, discussions, newsletters, and support chats. Check out a full list of our programs here!

Photo by Lucia B.


Our social programs are aimed at having fun and making connections, with spirituality at the center. There are two types of socials that exist through this initiative: parent/child and moms/women. These have included: cooking/baking, restaurant outings, tea, and craft nights.

Photo by Kendall A.


Community building work is essential to raising righteous children. The coop arranges “swaps” of children’s and household items, bartering of skills, and points families to additional resources within the local and virtual community.

Meet the Team

Kendall A.
Founder, Owner & Director of Programming

Kendall (Umm Iman) has taught preschool, as well third through eighth grades in both secular and Islamic settings. She is the co-founder of Roxbury Roots Montessori, Inc., a Wildflower School, dedicated to promoting African-centered curriculum and language exposure. Through these experiences, Kendall brings a unique understanding of developmentally appropriate activities for children of all ages. A licensed 5th-12th grade English/Language Arts teacher and Montessori certified for the primary classroom, she desires to continue working with children to expand their love of Allah swt in beautiful ways. She is a revert to Islam and the mother of two small children, which inspires her commitment to and development of Ummah Educational Cooperative as an ongoing resource for her family and the families in her community.

Lucia B.
Co-Founder, Arts/Crafts & Nature Play Leader

Lucia is a Muslim revert originally from Austria.  She is a registered nurse and also completed some early childhood development and pedagogy coursework in Europe.  Lucia is a mother of two children who is passionate about early childhood education, sustainable living, and teaching children about the environment.  She has many years of experience taking care of children of all ages and aspires to one day become a preschool teacher.  Her interests include: incorporating the teaching philosophies of Montessori, Waldorf, and Reggio-Emilia into Islamic,  early education programs. She also values and implements crafts, hands-on sensory exploration, and nature play into everyday learning opportunities!

Sara S.
Quran, Arabic, & Assistant Leader

Sara was born and raised in Canada. Growing up in a multi-cultural city and household, she was exposed to a variety of languages and cultures from a young age. That rich environment developed her interest in world languages. Sara spent a year in Egypt learning classical Arabic and Tajweed with distinguished teachers. She is fluent in French, English, and Arabic. Upon her return from Egypt, she pursued a law degree and is licensed to practice in the U.S. Sara is currently a stay-at-home mother of 3 young children. In her effort to instill Islamic values into her children, Sara plays an active role in decision-making, activity planning, and leading circle time, along with the Qur’an and Arabic portion of the circle. She is excited to share her experience in raising children in a dynamic, Islamic environment through play, peer interaction, and intentional, Islamic activities.

“Masha’Allah my daughter really enjoyed the program! Each session was well thought out and facilitated.”

Umm Hafsa

“What attracted me to UEC was the originality and creativity [of it], mashaAllah! It is so different from a formal learning circle [with] all kinds of ideas and crafts and family field trips.”

Sara S.

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