Here is where you will find a complete list of UmmIman.Org community building initiatives. All of the programs are built on faith-based connections and include a short halaqa with elements of: story-telling, crafts, nasheeds, dhikr, dua, Quran, and Arabic.

Community Building Initiatives

Friday Night Potluck”
In this weekly family program, held between April and November, families are invited to meet in a local playground between 4pm-6:30pm. During this time, there will be a short halaqa, time for children to play outdoors, opportunity for parents to connect, and a shared, potluck style dinner. The goal of this program is to have children and caregivers be part of a community, while putting some ease on the dinner plans once a week!

Parent & Me”
This program meets on the first Saturday of each month where caregivers are invited to participate in a bonding activity with their child(ren). Each session is different, starting with a short halaqa and then delving into the day’s focus which span a variety of activities, including: games, sports, cooking/baking, crafts, poetry, yoga, and more!

“Together We Serve”
Held on the second Saturday of each month, families are encouraged to participate in a short halaqa and service activity to promote charity, foster gratitude, and strengthen familial bonds!

“Exploring Nature”
On the third Saturday of each month, families are given an opportunity to spend time in nature during the different seasons. Hikes will take place in a variety of locations and the halaqa provides a time to reflect on how we experience Allah in nature.

“Seasonal Clothing/Shoes/Toys/Books Swap”
Held in May, August, November, and February, families are welcome to take place in a “swap” where they can bring items they no longer need and exchange them for items they do. Strategically planned for the end of a season, families can save money and live sustainably by exchanging items before purchasing new ones. Any unclaimed items at the end of the swap are donated in charity.

“No Money Exchange Group”
In an offshoot extension of the seasonal swap, people are encouraged to join the Facebook Group “No Money Exchange,” where they can post items that they are giving away, as well as post items that they are seeking. These items can be anything and are not limited to children’s items, as is the case with the swap. In addition to psychical items, members are allowed to post services that they are looking for, ie: sewing classes, Arabic lessons, etc.


Introduction to Montessori Parenting Philosophy”
In this virtual class, parents walk away with an understanding of Dr. Maria Montessori’s ideas on interacting with children in respectful ways that lead to their independence and confidence.

“The Prepared Environment”
In this class, educators and parents will gain an understanding of how to create an environment that leads to a sense of order, develops concentration and coordination, and leads to the child’s independence, both in a classroom setting, as well as in the home. Great for educators, parents wishing to implement Montessori principles into the home, and homeschooling families.
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2-Hour Home Consultation and Q&A Session
Home consultation comes with a step-by-step guide on how to transform your home into an authentic, Montessori environment room-by-room. In addition, the facilitator offers in-person or virtual presence to help you organize and design your space. This service also offers an in-depth question and answer session to get your burning Montessori questions answered!
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1-Hour Montessori Play/Learning Space Design
In this offering, the facilitator offers a guide on designing Montessori-aligned play/homeschooling spaces, as well as an in-person or virtual walk through of the space to assist you in meeting your goals and answering any questions.
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The offerings here are created with the utmost attention and care to detail. I ask that Allah SWT bless, accept, and increase the positive impact of this work. Ameen. Please check in frequently, share, and subscribe for updates.