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A Few Tips for Ease

Written by: Kendall A. | Umm Iman As mothers, we are constantly in a flurry of balancing our spiritual needs, parental obligations, household management, and self-care necessities, amongst other things. Finding balance in life to be present and available for all that needs to be done is different in today's world than it was in… Continue reading A Few Tips for Ease

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Becoming a Family of Prayer

Written by: Kendall A. | Umm Iman One of my spiritual goals has always been to be a person of prayer. For me, this means: being a person who truly finds peace, comfort, and contentment in the salah; developing concentration and connection in the salah; fulfilling the salah at the earliest timing with a fresh… Continue reading Becoming a Family of Prayer

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Camp Mama Has Officially Begun!

Written by: Kendall A. | Umm Iman(Originally Posted: July 19, 2020) It's summer time, and many families are still in quarantine. But alas, this doesn't have to be a death sentence in the heat with cranky toddlers and bored children! Instead, we can have a lot of fun with our little ones, keep up the… Continue reading Camp Mama Has Officially Begun!

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Children’s Daily Routine

Written by: Kendall A. | Umm Iman(Originally Posted: May 7, 2020) One of the biggest ways that we as parents can support our children is through creating predictability. This happens by establishing set routines, so that they know what to expect and when to expect it. Having the knowledge of what has passed and what… Continue reading Children’s Daily Routine

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Getting Organized: Schedules, Routines, and Flows

Written by: Kendall A. | Umm Iman Once you've established your curriculum and the content areas that you want to focus on this year, you'll need to organize your time so that you are meeting your goals. I don't believe that official "school time" needs to only happen between 8am-2pm, Monday-Friday. This is the beauty… Continue reading Getting Organized: Schedules, Routines, and Flows