Kendall A. (UmmIman) is a revert to Islam, a mother, daughter, friend, and teacher/learner. She is extremely passionate about community building; supporting women, children, and families; and helping each person in her individual journey toward becoming her best self! Since 2004, her life’s work has centered on education–taking her from early childhood to middle school; the elementary classroom to parenthood; in the public, private, religious, and homeschooling sectors–in the hopes of finding innovative strategies to teaching and learning with a dedication to alternative parenting and lifestyle choices. The work of UmmIman.Org is a focus on exploring the intersections of faith, motherhood, community building, and intentional lifestyle and parenting choices, including, but not limited to: sustainability, minimalism, and Montessori.

In that effort, UmmIman.Org offers:
(Virtually & In-Person)

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